Natural Planning Model

The Natural Planning Model

I found this interesting while re-reading David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done.  It’s the six steps of natural planning: Defining purpose and principles Outcome Visioning Brainstorming Organizing Identifying next actions According to Allen, this is the way in which our brain plans virtually any task.  What I found thought-provoking here, is that we probably process…

Pocket Unread Articles

Read Later Process

I use Pocket to store my “read later” articles that interest me as I peruse my Twitter timeline or browse the web.  I’ve written about this process in the past.  I tend to hoard articles for later reading; it’s a personal flaw that I readily admit.  Unfortunately, between work and owning a toddler, I’ve noticed…

January Certifications

Busy Month

It sure has been a busy New Year so far.  January was especially hectic as we started to pack for our move to North Carolina in a few weeks.  In addition to this, I headed down to Orlando to get my Scrum Product Owner certification, which involved a two-day course in managing product development in…

GTD Process Flow

Weekly Planning & Review

Inarguably, one of the most important pieces of the GTD methodology for time and task management is the weekly review.  This critical ritual involves the practitioner ensuring that inboxes are emptied, reviewing his or her lists and making necessary adjustments to projects and tasks so that contexts, priorities, next actions and other elements are accurate.  All…

Dashboard Perspective

Using OmniFocus for GTD

I’ve been using OmniFocus for about a year now and it seems like the right time to post a comprehensive review of it and how it’s worked for me.  I’m an extremely diligent GTD (Getting Things Done) practitioner and frankly, both my personal and professional lives would be a mess without it.  GTD is a time-…

Delete Accounts

Deleting Unused Accounts

With the birth of our son a year and a half ago, my wife and I have started to take a look at “housekeeping” tasks that we didn’t really care about in the past.  No, not cleaning floors or dusting lamps, but things like putting a Last Will and Testament in place and executing an Advance…

Personal Data Management Process

My Task/Time/Data Management Process

I get asked quite frequently about my task management workflow in general, and specifically how I keep projects organized and quickly/easily refer back to discussions in meetings or emails from months earlier.  Here’s a look at how I have things set up.  And I’ll add some additional posts about the actual setup of individual tools…

Karma Go Wireless Hot Spot

How Not to Launch Your Product

I recently (well, not recently, more like 294 days ago) purchased a Karma Go wireless hot spot device for use when I travel.  My in-laws didn’t have wireless connectivity in their home (they used dial-up until when they switched to broadband last year, and finally installed a wireless router a couple months ago) and on…

Oliver Wendell Holmes


I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity. — Oliver Wendell Holmes